Our Products & Services

Aircraft Parts, Engines, Wheel & Break Assys, Tyres, Avionics, Engine Oil & Hydraulic Fluids (Lubricants)


Some Of Our Featured Services


We supply any type of aircraft parts to the international community for all fixed wing air crafts as well as helicopters in the commercial, general and military aviation sectors.





We provide, lease and acquire entire engines working with airlines, MROs and service providers. All engines come equipped with fresh serviceable certificates and are preserved for removal, shipment, and re-installation.


Inventory Consignment Partnership


We market and sell your surplus parts and engines on a consignment basis. Get your return on investment without worrying about sales logistics.


In-house Logistics Service


Our partnership with global transportation leaders allows Aero Supreme to offer you competitive pricing that can reduce your shipping costs and make a solid impact on the bottom line figures. We deliver across the globe, there is no destination too far for us.


AOG 24/365


With our 24/7 AOG customer service, extensive network of suppliers and convenient in-house logistics services, Aero Supreme guarantees to forever keep your fleet where it belongs ‘In The Air’ by reducing your operational disruptions.